The subtle art of compelling production design

A man in a beige suit sits on a bed, looking up and away.

Maya Sigel ’04 dazzles viewers by combining ’50s aesthetics and futuristic elements More »

Letters to the president: A semester at the White House

Zac Gondelman in the white house

Zac Gondelman '26 spent his spring semester participating in the White House Internship program. His favorite part? Answering letters sent to President Joe Biden. More »

The world is broken, so humans must repair it: The history and evolution of 'tikkun olam'

Illustration. People applying a band aid to earth.

Today, tikkun olam — Hebrew for "repairing the world" — is often considered a cornerstone of Jewish identity. Professor Jonathan Krasner Krasner explains the history and evolution of the term. More »